When I play, I ....

My favorite four letter word is PLAY.  It might be the most carefree, natural feeling I can embody.  Its through playing that I feel like I can flirt with life, no matter what I am doing.     When I play, I feel young, timeless even.  

I was at the Chopra Center in San Diego this weekend taking the course "Journey into Healing".  One of our assignments was to rate from 1-10 different aspects of our life.  The categories were: Finances, Career, Fun and Recreation, Health, Family & Friends, Spiritual & Personal Growth and Romance.   My total average score was 8.5.   I was so happy to see that although I could take more pristine care of my health, career and finances, there is an element of fun I have with each.  Every minute of every day certainly not, but for the most part, I try not to take all of it too seriously.   Once I really committed to understanding and accepting that I cannot control Life, I made a decision to enjoy it.  

Its a choice I have to make every day.

I might as well play.  



In preparing for this post on what this word means to me, I reflected on what it is I truly hold sacred in my life. What came through me is that it can be categorized into 3 spheres.  Physical, Emotional and Energetic.  The altar in our meditation room filled w pictures of all the incredible Gurus in our lives, the artifacts that we’ve collected from around the world along with scriptures are all sacred to us on the Physical level.  The memories I have of special moments and events that have brought me both tremendous happiness and sadness (as both are gifts from beyond) are sacred to me on an Emotional level.  The tingles I feel around my heart and aura when I know I am having direct interaction with the Divine or my Beloved is sacred to me on an Energetic Level.  All of these sacred experiences I bow to and have reverence for, for there is nothing higher, in my opinion, than to cherish that which is sacred.  What do you hold sacred in your life and how do you cherish and honor it?

Photo credit: Lord Coltrane