When I play, I ....

My favorite four letter word is PLAY.  It might be the most carefree, natural feeling I can embody.  Its through playing that I feel like I can flirt with life, no matter what I am doing.     When I play, I feel young, timeless even.  

I was at the Chopra Center in San Diego this weekend taking the course "Journey into Healing".  One of our assignments was to rate from 1-10 different aspects of our life.  The categories were: Finances, Career, Fun and Recreation, Health, Family & Friends, Spiritual & Personal Growth and Romance.   My total average score was 8.5.   I was so happy to see that although I could take more pristine care of my health, career and finances, there is an element of fun I have with each.  Every minute of every day certainly not, but for the most part, I try not to take all of it too seriously.   Once I really committed to understanding and accepting that I cannot control Life, I made a decision to enjoy it.  

Its a choice I have to make every day.

I might as well play.