Costumes and Masks

I don't know if I really loved dressing in costumes when I was little.  They came in ready made, one size fits all boxes.  There weren't many choices for a girl to pick from back then.  Wonder Woman (the only female superhero at the time, kinda still is), a cat, a ballerina, a princess.  After 4 years, I could rotate through this list again.  I see kids now dressing up and WOW!  So many more choices, what creativity! I mean they really bring it!   

Having gone to Burning Man (amongst other influences) has opened my eyes to the amount of play we can have as grown ups.  It gives all of us permission to be whoever we want to be.  Total freedom.  Since then, being in costume not only feels liberating, but a must.  It gives me the opportunity to flex the muscle of 'permission' to expand beyond the parameters of my daily responsibilities and roles. To exercise playfulness, creativity and sheer joy.  For years now, every Halloween my entire office dresses in costume.  Every year we create a theme and enjoy the planning of our outfits weeks before.  My team and patients love it!  I like to think we inspire all that come into our office that's it okay to dress up still and connect to their inner child.

All of this has become a norm for me and it feels more authentic than the proverbial masks I used to wear depending on the environment I found myself in.    The masks I wore I was hiding behind, thinking they were really me when they weren't.  No one knew they were masks, not even me at the time.   I am thrilled to have shed them and have found tremendous freedom in doing so.

I guess thats the difference between costumes and masks for me.  The ones I cant wait to put on and the ones I am so excited to be rid off.  It takes a long time to grow young.  I am having a blast finding out.



In preparing for this post on what this word means to me, I reflected on what it is I truly hold sacred in my life. What came through me is that it can be categorized into 3 spheres.  Physical, Emotional and Energetic.  The altar in our meditation room filled w pictures of all the incredible Gurus in our lives, the artifacts that we’ve collected from around the world along with scriptures are all sacred to us on the Physical level.  The memories I have of special moments and events that have brought me both tremendous happiness and sadness (as both are gifts from beyond) are sacred to me on an Emotional level.  The tingles I feel around my heart and aura when I know I am having direct interaction with the Divine or my Beloved is sacred to me on an Energetic Level.  All of these sacred experiences I bow to and have reverence for, for there is nothing higher, in my opinion, than to cherish that which is sacred.  What do you hold sacred in your life and how do you cherish and honor it?

Photo credit: Lord Coltrane