Parvati Veronica Ruelas

Jill Green

Parvati Veronica Ruelas,

Founder and CEO

In her never ending quest of trying to figure out what she wanted to do when she grew up, Veronica, an eye doctor, spent the last 5 years traveling to Peru, India and Brasil conducting free eye clinics and various volunteer missions while living in ashrams. It was on these trips that she was exposed to, and became knowledgeable in, all the wisdom that living in an ashram under a guru provides. During this time, she completed her yoga teacher training and advanced teacher training programs, as well as, advanced scriptural, philosophical, psychological, and meditation curriculums. Finally, she had truly found her calling and needed to raise funds for her eye clinics. While traveling between NYC and abroad, Veronica began designing her own line of ashram clothing and accessories, drawing tremendous inspiration from each setting. She created a line that reflected her own urban style while maintaing the respected spiritual environment in which they were to be worn, hence ashramchic™ was born.

Jill Green, 

Goddess of Sales

Jill settled in NYC in 1995.  Since graduating college Jill worked for two great companies in sales growing and succeeding in her corporate career.  In 1998 she started taking yoga classes at her gym which was where her journey on her mat began.  Jill found that her yoga practice enhanced and supported all other aspects of her life.  In 2008 Jill became a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and in 2009 finished her 800 certification with mentor Lady Ruth Lauer Manenti.  Since her training Jill has dedicated herself to helping and inspiring others to achieve good health and happiness.  Jill & Veronica met five years ago through many mutual friends and as AshramChic started to evolve Jill knew she had to be on board.  “Love Yourself, Inspire Others” was the hook. Jill loves yoga, indoor cycling, running, hiking, the ocean & mountains, cooking & baking and bringing people together.